Monday, April 27, 2009

In the Swim of Things!

It's weird how little things will bring back memories of our younger years. Chloe reminds me of my teenage years when my parents packed up my sister and me and we headed to Myrtle Beach, SC. One of my most favorite and relaxing spots. Collecting seashells along the beach and walking in the sand for what seemed like forever. My most favorite part was just the sounds you would hear. The sound of the waves always made you relax and the sun brought warmth to your skin. Aaaaaaahhhhhh happy times!

So, in the spirit of all that, Chloe came to be. She is reminisce of a 1920's style bathing beauty. She has such a serene expression on her face and a wool bathing suit with bunches of hand-stitching. She has a sweet life preserver around her waist and who could resist that pinwheel!?!?

If you would like to see more of Chloe, here is her link on Ebay:
I hope that wherever you are, you can get out and enjoy your day!

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Carolee said...

She's just adorable!!

~ Carolee