Monday, March 30, 2009

Fab Four......

hehehehehe Ok, we don't look like the Beatles, but we are the best of friends thanks to a little group called PFATT! We had a Fab day on Saturday, doing lunch, gabbing and taking a trip to the local historic cemetary. Lori and Hope's Open House was a huge success. Here's a couple of pics to show you......

Lori (Vintage Palette,) Brenda (Little Dollings,) Joyce (Enchanted Productions,) and Me!

Joyce showing us her best "Vanna White" impersonation. LOL I realized how morbid my friends really are on this trip! hahahahaha Just kiddin' girls!

I also have a new listing on Ebay. This little gal is named Evie. Isn't she just the prettiest?

I hope you all have good friends and happy times.
Sending Primsical Blessings your way!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Saturday!

It's here! It's finally here!
We have been planning for weeks now and today's the day! My friend Lori (Vintage*Palette) owns a Prim Shoppe called the Village Gift Shoppe and they are having an Open House today. So in honor of the Open House, two other friends and I are getting together to have a gab session and lunch- Joyce Stahl (Enchanted Productions) and Brenda Ostrowski (Little Dollings.) If anyone is in the area today or tomorrow, you have to check out the shop. Full of primitives, whimsicals and yummy smelling!

I have also done some listing on Etsy. Unlike Ebay, where I list on Sunday nights, I list any time of day, anyday on Etsy. So keep checking my store for new items! Here is two that are currently available and their link:

I hope you all have a great weekend and many blessings to you!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Quick Pit Stop!

Hey Everyone!

Just doing a drive by right now to show off some dollies! I recently started listing on too! Here is my latest sweetheart, Bunny Baby Babette......

I whipped up another Raggedy also and she is on Etsy. Her hair isn't that bright in person. The color is more like her shirt color.

Have a great day everyone!!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Sweet, sweet Raggedy Ann.....

Hello!! Hope you all are doing fine! I have been busy making dollies for my friends Open House that is coming up March 28th and March 29th. If you are in the area, you are welcome to stop by. There will be free refreshments and you can sign up for free doorprizes! Lori and Hope's shoppe is always so yummy and smells wonderfully too! LOL Drop me a line, if you need directions!

With Ebay being so sloooooooow for me lately, I only have one dolly to show you this week. She's the sweetest Raggedy Ann and has been rolling around inside my brain for weeks now. Here is her link and pic:

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a Primsical Day!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ending Sunday night......

Sorry, I didn't get these posted until now. They both end Sunday night, 3-15. The first is my version of the vintage Head Vases. I couldn't leave the back of the head open, so I decided to make it into a Pin Keep.

The other sweet one is my first bunny for the season. I used some scrapbooking supplies and added them to the hem of her dress!

I hope you all are having a great weekend! I am finally getting over my cold. I'm making some dollies now for a friends shoppe. She is having an Open House on the 28th of this month. Will post more about it next week!

Have a Primsical Day!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Confessions of a Reality TV Junky

Ok, I admit it..... I'm a junky,-reality TV junky. I'm hooked on American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Ghosthunters....... I'm sure there's more! LOL Remember the days when there was Laverne and Shirley, Happy Days and yes, even Dynasty and Falcon Crest. I'm sure they never dreamt of the kind of programing that's out there today! Pretty mild compared to today's standards. Then there's the daily soaps..... my fav is the Young and the Restless and my daughter is hooked on Guiding Light. I moonlight every now and then and watch Days of our Lives and the Bold and the Beautiful, but you ask..... how in the world do you get any dolls done?!?!?!?! Planning! hahahahaha I usually know what shows I want to watch that day and make sure I have bodies to stuff or hand-stitching to do right in front of the ole boob tube. I guess my least favorite part of doll making is actually stuffing the bodies, so I do it without much thinking about it, in front of the TV. I stain them and let them dry overnight, then I can actually do the fun stuff in the morning,-creating their look and dressing them. Watching them come to life right before my eyes. Now that is the fun part and most rewarding. Seeing plain fabric turned into a work of art. Amazes me everytime! When the doll is finished and it comes out to what I have pictured in my head, I am happy!
Thanks to all who have helped make dreams come true! Positivity wins everytime!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Free Giveaway for PFATT

You must visit the PFATT Girls Group Blog and sign up for the FREE Giveaway! There are 20 different items and you could be the lucky winner of one of them! Just click on the link I have over on the left hand side of this page and it will take you to the blog! Good Luck!

Here's my latest girls too! Lady Luck was originally supposed to be a Leprechaun, but as he progressed, he kept telling me he wanted to be a girl! I also made up another frog from my friend Pam Gracia's pattern of Soft In the Head. She is a Fairy Frog Mother!! Last, but not least, is the sweetest dolly. Her name is Rosalie and she is dressed in soft shades of green, pink and cream! I hand-dyed her blonde locks and gave her a felt hat!


Fairy Frog Mother

Lady Luck

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to sign up for the giveaway!!

Blessings to you!