Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thinking Spring.......trying to!

I'm trying so very hard to try and put winter behind me. I know, there is still 2 months to go until spring, but I am hoping that Mr. Groundhog finds a way for an early spring next week. I believe in Ohio we have set an average snowfall record for the state. The old record was in 1978-79. I barely remember it, but I do remember all the neighborhood kids getting together on our street playing ice hockey. We gathered up anything we could use as a stick. My poor mom never did get to use her broom again! LOL But we all had a blast!
I have three new offerings on Ebay this week. Hope you get a chance to check them out!
Holiday Frogs

Tabletop St. Patrick

Hope you all have a Primsical Day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Snow Day!

A Winter Storm on it's way!! They are predicting we are to get 4 - 8 inches of the white stuff. I thought spring was in my grasp..... but winter keeps pushing it farther and farther away.
I have three new dollies on Ebay. They will end on Saturday night, January 31st.


Heart Head/Plain Flip Doll

Here's a link for the above:
Hope you all are staying warm and cozy! I am working on a Spring Fling doll and a set of sweet frogs!
Hope you have a Primsical Day!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ooooooooo Yummo!!

Most every Saturday, you can find my daughter and me in the kitchen baking. She enjoys making things and I enjoy spending time with her. I also secretly get to teach her math, measuring, following directions, etc. just what every teenager needs to know! LOL
This week we made white chocolate chip cookies and crescent rolls. The crescent rolls are by far her favorite, so we generally make them every week.
Because they are sooooooo yummy, I thought I would share the recipe with you all!
1 pkg. of yeast
1/4 C. Warm Water
Mix until yeast is disolved, then add:
1/2 C. Sugar
2 Eggs
1 C. Warm Water
1/2 C. Oil
1 tsp of Salt
Beat the eggs, then mix all together before adding flour
5 - 6 C. Flour (Add slowly)
Let rise, then knead and divide into 3 parts. Roll out into a circle just like you were rolling out a pie crust. Cut into 8 triangle shapes wedges. Roll up starting at the larger end. Place on greased baking sheet and let rise again. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 - 12 minutes. Add butter on top when they come out of the oven. Makes 24 rolls.

Monday, January 19, 2009

For all the chicklets out there! LOL

Ok, all the chickmen too! LOL Here's my latest baby. Her name is Sandy and she is wearing my signature face. Her bunny ears are removeable and I just love the chick fabric! I love the combo of fabrics too.

It's a beautiful, sunny day here, but cold. The icicles are melting off the roof and torpedoing down to the ground with a huge bang. Freaked me out a little when I first heard it. My thoughts went back to the "Christmas Story" movie when Ralphie's mother is fixing him up after he "shot his eye out" with the Red Ryder BB Gun. Ralphie blamed the black eye on the icicles and his mother said, "Icicles have been known to kill." LOL Just struck me funny. I know..... I have a weird sense of humor.

I hope you all are having a magical day.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Will you be Mine, Valentine?

I had an extra heart head body laying around from a special order that didn't happen, so I decided to throw her on Ebay last night. I was inspired by a blog I ran across. It was done up in black and pink, so I did Lori up in pink and black. Something very different for me, but I love her! Here's her link too:

Happy Saturday to you!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside.......

Holy Moly! It's cold out there! Here's a couple of pictures from the window of Primsical Studios......

We got 4 inches of snow yesterday and probably another half inch today. No school for the kids yesterday and they called it off already for Friday. One good thing about the cold, the dog doesn't dally outside when he has to do his business! LOL

Tell me again..... why am I in Ohio???

Have a warm evening!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some more new Babies......

I threw in a couple of St. Patty's Day items this week. I love V-Day, but needed a small break. I am working on my last Heart Head Doll for Ebay done up in pink and black and I'm hoping to get an Irish Jig Dancer done too. All I wanna do is sit and watch the snow today. We got 4 inches of the fluffy stuff this afternoon and school let out early. My girl is hoping for no school tomorrow and me too! I'm not much of a snow person, to go out into it, but I do like watching it float down from heaven! Here's my newest ones........ I also have a couple of new patterns to list on my website this week!
Mary Kate

Irish Raggedy Ann

I send you all Primsical Blessings and stay warm out there!


Monday, January 5, 2009

More Valentine Dollies on Ebay.......

Here's the second batch of wonderful Valentine's goodies! I have a link listed below to follow!




Hand in Heart Cherub2

Raggedy Ann Cherub

Here's the link for these auctions:
My husband is waiting patiently for me to finish typing this. We are attempting to put up textured wallpaper on my kitchen ceiling. I can do wallpaper on the walls just fine, but have never attempted a ceiling before. I will post pics if it comes out ok! LOL

Have a Primsical Day!