Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Monday!

At least I hope it's a happy Monday for you! The only reason I like Monday's is because Dancing with the Stars is on! LOL I admit, I am addicted to it. Unfortunately, I have to work this evening, so my main squeeze is going to record it for me. I don't have anything to list on Ebay this week, but I am working on two new projects. They both will debut next year! Luckily, I will enjoy looking at them for the next 4 months in my workroom. LOL

I was going through some old files on my computer this morning, deleting ones that were no longer important and I found something that made me smile! It was a poem that my daughter wrote in 7th grade and I forgot all about it. I had to share it with you all because I can't believe a then 12 year old wrote this and I'm very proud of my girl!

Who Are Our Future Heroes?

Our future heroes
Are the kind, the caring, and the nice
Our heroes are people who
Give old toys to the poor
Or give up time to volunteer
Heroes are kind and caring

The people who say excuse-me
Or thank-you
Are very polite and have good manners
If they carry the books and binders
At school for those with a
Broken leg or arm
Heroes help one another

Future heroes are responsible
For what they say and do
They are also
People we often look
Up to

Our heroes are the sharing and true
Who never hardly lie
And share their things with
Other people
They are the people who do work
Without wanting pay

Heroes are those who help their
Parent or guardian
Do the dishes or cut the lawn
They try hard in school
And never cheat and play by the rules

They hold fund-raisers
For a good cause
Our future heroes help the elderly
Open doors
Or cross the road
Heroes are those that try to help all ages
Learn and try new things

Those who all they want back
Is knowing they did a good deed
Future heroes need all of these qualities so why don’t you try
To be a good role model to all humanity

Thanks for stopping by and have a Primsical Day!


paynterfamily4 said...

Hey Kathy -

Love your daughter's poem - truly from the heart !

I'm a Dancing With Stars fan too !! Can't believe that I am but I AM (there, I said it !!).

I don't vote though till the 'daning impaired ' are booted - then I start voting (did I just admit that ?!).

I have a DWS poll on my blog - I think Chuck's going to get 'chucked' !

Dianne said...

What a wonderful poem, and to think a 12-year old wrote it. I'm proud for you. Dianne/TicklesMyFancy

Tina said...

That's a precious poem from your precious girl. Can't wait to see your new creations. a four month wait! well, ok, it will be worth it.

Designs By CK said...

Vishing you a VONDERFUL Hallowe'en!

SpOOky CK (-: