Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fun Filled Weekend II

One of my most favorite places to shop, was on the second leg of our weekend journey. The Pine Tree Barn in Wooster, OH has a Williamsburg Festival the first weekend of October and this year my family and I were able to go. Williamsburg, VA is my favorite place to visit, so having this so close to home (only an hour away) was such a primsical blessing for me!

There were alot of people dressed in their best Revolutionary garb and

some were just taking a break from all the action!

This one makes me so thankful for my gas stove! LOL

This looks like I caught them in the middle of a heated debate, but looks can be deceiving!

This is one place that I will go back to again and again. Besides the outside activities, the restaurant was booming as well as their primitive store. Here is their link if you would like to see more!

I did buy some great wool from one of the outside vendors that I hope to use on an upcoming project. Also found some kewl, tin clip candleholders.

Thanks for sharing my day with me!

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