Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baseball Uncle Sam in Create and Decorate Mag!

Hello Everyone!! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! Sorry I have been away for so long...... started a new job and getting used to the ins and outs!

Just wanted to share with everyone my dolly in the August issue of Create and Decorate Magazine. It will hit the newsstands on June 23rd! Here are a few pics I snapped from my preview issue!

It is offically summer on Sunday, June 21st! So, until we meet again! Have a great summer!! LOL


Disgusted Cats said...

Hey, Kathy!
How cool is that!
I love this doll. What a splendid idea. Swing, batta, batta, batta... :0)


Little Dollings by Brenda O. said...

oh, he's cute Kathy! Congrats on the publishing! Nothing more American than baseball (just ask Mark!!) ;)


Tina said...

How wonderful!!! I'm jumpin' for joy for ya, sweets! Congrats!
Another great creation~

Sammamish7 said...

Hey Kathy! That's GREAT ~ Congratulations!!!
Love your Uncle Sam doll too!!! ;o)

Kingfisher Farm said...

This couldnt have happened to a nicer and more talented HARDWORKING gal!

Chicken Lips said...


Designs By CK said...

Hoping you & yours have a wonderful 4th of July holiday weekend!

Chris :-)