Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Confessions of a Reality TV Junky

Ok, I admit it..... I'm a junky,-reality TV junky. I'm hooked on American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Ghosthunters....... I'm sure there's more! LOL Remember the days when there was Laverne and Shirley, Happy Days and yes, even Dynasty and Falcon Crest. I'm sure they never dreamt of the kind of programing that's out there today! Pretty mild compared to today's standards. Then there's the daily soaps..... my fav is the Young and the Restless and my daughter is hooked on Guiding Light. I moonlight every now and then and watch Days of our Lives and the Bold and the Beautiful, but you ask..... how in the world do you get any dolls done?!?!?!?! Planning! hahahahaha I usually know what shows I want to watch that day and make sure I have bodies to stuff or hand-stitching to do right in front of the ole boob tube. I guess my least favorite part of doll making is actually stuffing the bodies, so I do it without much thinking about it, in front of the TV. I stain them and let them dry overnight, then I can actually do the fun stuff in the morning,-creating their look and dressing them. Watching them come to life right before my eyes. Now that is the fun part and most rewarding. Seeing plain fabric turned into a work of art. Amazes me everytime! When the doll is finished and it comes out to what I have pictured in my head, I am happy!
Thanks to all who have helped make dreams come true! Positivity wins everytime!

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